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The Invisible Man

This entertaining new Audi ad from DDB Spain reintroduces us to the Invisible Man and his Sunset Boulevard-esque relationship with his own fame. Over a gravelly voiceover explaining his career, we see (or rather, don’t see) him drinking whiskey by his pool and walking the red carpet, as well as movie posters and other ephemera. There’s even a statue of him, or at least an engraved pillar. He also sounds enough like Ron Perlman that I keep expecting him to say “War, war never changes” as the ad turns into the Fallout 2 menu screen.

Product: TV commercial
Brand: Audi
Commercial: The Invisible Man
Agency: DDB Barcelona
Production: Agosto
Director: David Vergés
Executive Producer: Toni Moreno
Producer: Aldo Guenther
DOP: Alberto Bañares
Editor: Ramon Morejón
Postproduction: Metropolitana
Color: Marc Morató
Flame Artist VFX: Xavi Bertran – Nacho Cepero – Richi – Paula Sinoga – Lluïsa Cuchillo – Ivan Iniesta
CGI 3D: Nico Roig – Mario Tarradas – Nicolò Danieletto – Marcial Aparicio

Voiceover: James Phillips