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What you need to know about me

Children dream of being firefighters, police, doctors or YouTube influencers. You know how it goes. As a boy I dreamed of forming part of that fascinating world that I found behind the dial on my shortwave radio set. Could a voice give shape to new worlds? Could those faceless voices weave stories with just the threads of their interpretation? Oh yes! They certainly could! And more than anything else, I wanted to be there and do it!

But passion alone is not enough. Consequently, I studied at the Brown Institute of Broadcasting (a CBS affiliate) and took my first steps in FM radio in Miami, and later as an established voice talent in Barcelona.

But I have never stopped learning. And the fascination is still there in every voiceover, whether it be a television or radio commercial, documentary, movie trailer, narration or premier corporate video.

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He Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven

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The Lion and the Mouse

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Recommendations by Miguel de Cervantes

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The Song of Albion, Book Two, The Silver Hand

My voice can work for you on the ever-expanding range of media:

Multimedia Installations,
Public Address Messages,
Interactive Games…

What I can do for you

I enjoy what I do. Really! When I have a script in front of me I always want to bring it to life, immerse the listeners in the story, whatever it may be: the most epic you can imagine or the most everyday that you need to communicate. It doesn’t matter. My job is to make those words shine.

Of course, I rely on a work tool that I have honed, trained and nuanced over the years and that enables me to bring a wide range of interpretation skills and a repertoire of tones and accents to your project….

Without it, well, you wouldn’t be here checking me out, would you?

But you’ll only be convinced by listening.

What about voice and image

Maybe you are looking for an emcee for your corporate event? A character in your film?

Check out a selection of current still photos, and clips from my on-camera work in English, Spanish and Catalan.

The place to give your story its voice.

What is your story?